Kotlin Files.exists() and Files.isSameFile()

The Files class provides utility methods that are useful for working with the file system.

import java.io.BufferedWriter
import java.io.FileWriter
import java.nio.file.Files
import java.nio.file.Paths

private val belchers = "belchers.txt"

private fun makeBelcherFile(){
    val names = listOf("Bob", "Linda", "Tina", "Gene", "Louise")
    BufferedWriter(FileWriter(ch9.paths.belchers)).use { writer ->
        names.forEach { name ->

fun main(args : Array<String>){
    //Check if the file exists first, and create it if needed
    if (!Files.exists(Paths.get(belchers))){
    val relativeBeclhers = Paths.get(belchers)
    val absoluteBelchers = Paths.get(System.getProperty("user.dir"), belchers)

    //Check if both Paths point to the same file
    println("Using Files.isSameFile() => " + (Files.isSameFile(relativeBeclhers, absoluteBelchers)))


Using Files.isSameFile() => true

The program uses Files.exists to see if we have a belchers.txt file on the underlying os. If the method returns false, we call makeBelchersFile() on line 24 to create the file. Lines 26 and 27 create two different Path objects to point at the belchers.txt file.

The relativeBelchers is a Path object created using a relative path to the file. The absoluateBelchers object is created with an aboslute path by combining the current working directory with the name of the file. One line 38, we use the Files.isSameFile and pass both of the Path objects to it. Since both of these Paths point at the same file, it returns True.


exists(path : Path, varages options : LinkOptions) : Boolean

The exists method is used to test if a file exists or not. We can also pass optional LinkOptions that instructs the method on how to handle symbolic links in the file system. For example, if we don’t want to follow links, then pass NOFOLLOE_LNKS.

isSameFile(path : Path, path2 : Path)

Tests if the both path objects point to the same file. It’s the same as checking if path == path2.




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