Getting Started

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages today. According to Oracle, over 3 Billion devices run Java. Java is used in a wide variety of applications. For example, many Android applications are written in Java. Java is used in Web applications that power eCommerece stores that connect to databases or even other websites using technologies such as REST. Many people have written desktop Java applications that make schedules or handle payroll. I have even seen Java powered cash registers.

The point is that anyone who grabs a solid understanding of Java will not struggle to find work in the foreseeable future. As of this writing, the Java platform is in its 8th version with JDK 9 on its way. Java development has a massive community of people who are happy to share programming techniques and help others improve their code. Companies such as Google contribute to Java by publishing software libraries to enhance the language.

However, to get started in Java, we need to install our build tools. The Java Development Kit (JDK) can be downloaded from Oracle’s website here. Alternatively, you can also use OpenJDK which is a community drive version of Java. Install either of these software packages will install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), the Java compiler, and related software libraries on your system that make Java development possible.

Now let’s write our first Java application. To do this, you need to use a plain text editor (on Windows, that would be notepad. Apple users may use TextEdit). In the end, Java source files are files that end with the .java extension. Once you have your text editor open, start by typing the following code.

public class HelloWorld { 
    public static void main(String [] args){ 
        System.out.println("Hello World"); 

Once you have this code inserted into your text editor, you should use the save as feature and save this file This is a critical step because required the name of the file to match the name of the class (this is the name that follows the keyword class, so in our case, it’s HelloWorld). Once you have saved the file, you will need to open your system’s command prompt or terminal.

At this point, you need to compile your java file. Java is a compiled language that relies on the Java compiler to turn your *.java into an *.class file. To run the java compiler, navigate to the folder (or directory) that you saved your file in and then type.


If all goes well, you will have a HelloWorld.class file in that folder next to To run the program type:

java HelloWorld

Your system will print:

Hello World

Congratulations! You have wrote, compiled, and ran your first Java program!


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